Brownies are very common in the forested areas of Kosm. They make their homes within tree trunks, burrows, logs, and whatever shelter other creatures leave behind, forming communities that spread over a large area. They attire themselves in clothing made from their natural surroundings, whether plants or small game. Though generally pacifistic, they also value the privacy and seclusion of their colonies, which they defend through trickery, guile, and harassing attacks with their weapons which are meant to do little permanent harm, but ward potential dangers or blundering ‘giants’, which they refer to as ‘Miganiti’, away from their homes.

Physical Description: Brownies are knee high to a human and weigh around 20 lbs. While this does not cause many to consider them imposing, their strength and tactics in numbers is not to be underestimated, and many have exceptional skills in various magical arts beyond their innate illusions. Usually such members of the community are noted with ritual tattoos that reflect their powers. Brownies’ skin color falls mostly in the human range, though some clans with reddish skin have been spotted. Hair color is usually brown through forest green.

Society: Brownies are usually led by a clan elder with especially potent magical ability, trusting especially those who have stayed within the community for most of their lives. Brownies that choose to wander find it harder to earn positions of trust in their communities, even while being praised for sacrificing their family connections in order to bring back skills or items that might help the clan survive, or for following their hearts’ desires despite the consequences. Separate brownie clans generally avoid one another, except for in the worship of their Gods.

Relations: Though they deal with other races as little as possible, the Amagkanitivi, as they refer to themselves, sometimes allow individuals who they consider close to their ‘inner selves’ to live within the boundaries of their communities. Exactly what this means is not fully understood, as none who ventured to discover the meaning have been allowed to stay. Oddly, hobgoblins seem to find themselves welcome more often than other civilized races, despite their seemingly opposite nature.

Alignment and Religion: Brownies as a culture are generally Chaotic Good, valuing individuality and family simultaneously. They keep their own Gods, a trio of deities who guard over the colony, the wandering, and the creatures and things of the forest.

Adventurers: The rare brownie individuals who have a heart for adventure or travel are encouraged to allow that heart to guide them. Most periodically visit to share what they have learned or found with their clan. Sorcerers, Bards, Rogues, and Druids are common among them. Due to their pacifistic natures, they usually eschew strong combat classes, even while making sure they always have a weapon of some sort at the ready.

Male Names: Avoon, Duvik, Franjean, Maoug, Rool, Zint

Female Names: Bepiei, Hantuk, Mous, Supumee, Teeble, Uubett

Brownie Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -4 Strength: Brownies have strong sense of individuality and are nimble and quick, but their tiny size leaves them with little muscle.
Tiny: Brownies are Tiny creatures and as such receive a +2 size bonus to their Defense score (see Armor as Damage Reduction) and a +2 size bonus to attack rolls. They also get a -2 penalty on their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense and a +8 size bonus on Stealth checks.
Slow Speed: Brownies have a base speed of 20 feet.
Low-Light Vision: Brownies can see twice as far as humans in dim light.
Forest-born: Brownies receive a +4 bonus to Stealth and Survival checks while within forests, and a +2 to Perception checks at all times.
Spell-Like Abilities: At will – dancing lights, mending, prestidigitation
Natural Tricksters: Brownies have a +2 bonus to saves vs. illusions.
Languages: Brownies begin play speaking Common and Brijd, their own language. Brownies may select any language from the Languages list for their Bonus Languages.
Impressive Leap: Brownies do not receive a penalty to Acrobatics checks made to jump due to their Slow Speed and are always considered to have a running start.


Random Starting Age & Aging Effects

Adulthood: 20 years Innate: +1d6 Trained: +2d6 Studied: +3d6
Middle Age: 50 years Old: 65 years Venerable: 80 years Maximum Age: 80 + 3d10 years

Random Height & Weight

Gender Base Height Base Weight Modifier Weight Multiplier
Male 10 in. 18 lbs. 2d4 x 1/2 lb.
Female 8 in. 16 lbs. 2d6-2 x 1/2 lb.


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