Dotting the great plains, tundras, and steppes of the world of Kosm are the camps of nomadic caballaur. They hunt the great beasts of those flatlands, even the fearsome bulette, and subsist on the meager offerings of the land, as they neither sow nor reap crops.

Physical Description: Caballaur appear as smaller cousins to centaurs. From the waist up, they are indiscernible from humans. However, from the waist down, they have the bodies of somewhat scaled down horses, comparable, though of different proportion, to ponies or perhaps large goats, though any claiming resemblance to the latter in the presence of a caballaur is not likely to come away from the encounter without bruises. Their share skin colors with humans of the same region, though their hair, including that on their heads, more closely matches that of horse breeds, including dappled patterns which look more like locks of different colors when hair is grown long.

Society: Among themselves, caballaur can be exceedingly emotional creatures, sharing joys and sorrows with a deep, shared sincerity. They have little hierarchy among themselves and share a trust that all members of the community will act in its best interest. As such, they enjoy great autonomy in representing their families and camps. Caballaur raise children as a communal camp, and do not mate for life. Rather, one member of a pairing usually leaves camp and finds a new grouping after assuring that they have added healthy, growing children to the fold. Whether a cause or effect of this parting, caballaur consider all things temporary, and readily seek out new bonds and friendships wherever possible.

Relations: While they enjoy strong communal bonds among themselves, caballaur who deal with other races often maintain a stoicism that leads other cultures to believe that such behavior is the norm at home as well. Though they have a strong common sense and perception, caballaur are hard to sway once they’ve come to what they believe to be the right conclusion, and thus can seem rash, hasty, or unwilling to listen. However, once these barriers are broken down, individuals can form very close ties to members of other races.

Alignment and Religion: Most caballaur are considered Neutral. They are eager to aid those who have earned their trust, though they can tend toward selfishness when with a new, untested group, and have little to no compassion or empathy for their enemies. Their chief God is Cobalion, who created them and encourages them to find aid in companionship, rather than relying on divine blessings or random chance.

Adventurers: Many caballaur adventurers come from an unwillingness to find a new camp and new mate after leaving a previous one. Instead, some seek out a new type of life for a time. Others are were emissaries or traders who grew more comfortable with humans or hobgoblins than their own kind, seeing in their hard-earned friendship the blessing of Cobalion.

Male Names: Astrack, Faermyne, Orwind, Telionkh, Veypir

Female Names: Astrie, Beolia, Perstran, Skynporie, Ulinda

Caballaur Racial Traits

+2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Caballaur are strong of body and perceptive, but can come off as rash, hasty, and self-righteous to other races.
Medium: As Medium creatures, caballaur gain no particular bonuses or penalties.
Fleet-Footed: Caballaur have a base speed of 40 feet.
Low-Light Vision: Caballaur can see twice as far as humans in dim light.
Stability: While standing on the ground and resisting a bull rush or trip attempt, caballaur receive a +4 to their Combat Maneuver Defense.
Height Advantage: Caballaur are always considered mounted for purposes of weapon effects, and gain Mounted Combat as a bonus feat. They cannot gain ranks in the Ride skill, and, if Ride is gained as a class skill, a caballaur may choose to gain Swim or Climb as a class skill instead.
Natural Attacks: Two hoof attacks which deal 1d4 damage each. caballaur may take monster feats from the Bestiary to improve their hoof attacks.
Languages: Caballaur begin play speaking Common and one Sylvan. They may select any language from the Languages list for their Bonus Languages.


Random Starting Age & Aging Effects

Adulthood: 14 years Innate: +1d4 Trained: +1d8 Studied: +2d8
Middle Age: 35 years Old: 55 years Venerable: 65 years Maximum Age: 65 + 4d8 years

Random Height & Weight

Gender Base Height Base Weight Modifier Weight Multiplier
Male 5 ft. 2 in. 260 lbs. 3d8 x 7 lb.
Female 5 ft. 2 in. 220 lbs. 3d6 x 7 lb.


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