While the often fickle Gods take an interest in many races, only with humans do many seem to find the particular attraction that might result in direct offspring. While they have toyed with the creation or fates of other races, it is primarily with humans that they have created individuals or blood heritage. God-touched are the result of sexual pairing of a human and a God. Pairings between Gods and other races more often result in much more immediately powerful, but also much rarer, offspring. Often members of a lineage springing from a godly font may be mainly human, with a god-touched person cropping up seemingly spontaneously.

Physical Description: God-touched are little different from common humans in appearance. Sometimes they take on some otherworldly trait of their divine parent or ancestor, such as metallic colored eyes, hair that seems always to float as if weightless, or, more rarely, an animalistic feature related to the God of their heritage.

Society: God-touched have no society of their own, instead blending into human cultures. In most such cultures, they are admired and thought to be destined for greatness. There are a few civilizations that consider them ill-omened of course, though these are usually in places that receive the attention of more callous or mischievous Gods.

Relations: Few members of other races can identify god-touched separately from common humans. Those who can care little for the specifics and treat them as they would other humans. Only with beings who have an insight into fate, destiny, or legacy make much of god-touched, though such seers withhold judgement, as few are those with the will, luck, and care to claim the full weight of their potential.

Alignment and Religion: God-touched tend to extremes in their alignments and religions. Many have a close relationship with their divine progenitor, while others shun anything having to do with those that caused their existence, trying to escape dictates of fate or destiny and live life according to their own plan.

Adventurers: Many blessed with a divine birthright attempt to seek it out, to find a reason, or to chase down whatever destiny might be in store for them. Some feel from an early age the pull of that half of their heritage. On the other hand, some become wanderers in an attempt to avoid those who hold high expectations of a god-touched child.

God-Touched Racial Traits

+2 to One Attribute of Your Choice:
Medium: God-touched gain no bonuses of penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: God-touched have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision: God-touched can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Divine Resistance: God-touched have cold resistance 5, electricity resistance 5, and fire resistance 5.
Bodily Purity: God-touched receive a +4 bonus on saving throws to resist the effects of poison and disease.
Destiny’s Master: God-touched receive a +2 bonus on saving throws versus mind-affecting spells or spell-like abilities.
Divinity’s Boon: Once per day as a spell-like ability, a god-touched may cast Divine Favor on himself. The caster level for this ability is either 1 or the total class levels the god-touched possesses in a divine spell-casting class.
Languages: God-touched begin play speaking Common and one Regional language. They may select any language from the Languages list for their Bonus Languages.


Random Starting Age & Aging Effects

Adulthood: 15 years Innate: +1d4 Trained: +1d6 Studied: +2d6
Middle Age: 40 years Old: 60 years Venerable: 80years Maximum Age: 80 + 2d20 years

Random Height & Weight

Gender Base Height Base Weight Modifier Weight Multiplier
Male 4 ft. 10 in. 120 lbs. 2d10 x 5 lb.
Female 4 ft. 5 in. 85 lbs. 2d10 x 5 lb.


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