The humans of Kosm are widespread, inhabiting nearly every region of the world. They do not, however, dominate many of these regions. On the flatlands they compete with caballaur, sometimes in direct martial conflict, and sometimes through trade agreements. In many places, hobgoblin empires preclude the encroachment of human civilizations. Despite this, humans have a large number of diverse settlements and have achieved much in terms of cultural and technical development.

Physical Description: Humans possess a wide variety of appearances, with skin colors ranging from nearly black, through all shades of brown, tan mixed with olive or pink, to pale as snow. Hair varies from about knee length to nearly none, with at least one culture preferring a completely shaved, hairless body, and carries a wide variety of natural and dyed colors. Builds vary as much as hues.

Society: While humans have existed for some time, their civilizations are relatively new. They learn quickly, however, and have caught up to other races in sophistication, and attracted the attention of the Gods sufficiently that many such beings wear Human guises predominantly. Due in part to their malleable nature, human societies vary in government, organization, and philosophy to a great degree.

Relations: Humans have unique relationships with each race they encounter. To brownies, humans are mainly a threat to keep at a distance, as the larger folk seem prone to destroying the homes that the smaller ones build for themselves. Hobgoblins and caballaur are competitors for most of the same resources, while lizardfolk and treekin seem willing to teach and learn from humans, respectively.

Alignment and Religion: Human religions are as diverse as their societies, but each society usually has its own pantheon, though whether these are the same Gods with different names is a fair question. Human Gods share their characteristics, often taken to extremes, and wield their power with fickleness and jealousy, but also at times with compassion and wisdom.

Adventurers: Human adventurers are the most diverse of a diverse lot. The best and brightest of human civilizations are often blessed or cursed with a wanderlust, seeking challenges that fit their abilities. Luckily, the world seems willing to offer such challenges, though often in the form of the machinations of other humans.

Human Racial Traits

As on p. 27 of Pathfinder Core Rulebook (or here ), with one exception:

Languages: Humans begin play speaking Common and one Regional language. Bonus languages may be chosen from any in the Languages list.


Random Starting Age & Aging Effects

Adulthood: 15 years Innate: +1d4 Trained: +1d6 Studied: +2d6
Middle Age: 35 years Old: 53 years Venerable: 70 years Maximum Age: 70 + 2d20 years

Random Height & Weight

Gender Base Height Base Weight Modifier Weight Multiplier
Male 4 ft. 10 in. 120 lbs. 2d10 x 5 lb.
Female 4 ft. 5 in. 85 lbs. 2d10 x 5 lb.


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