Inheritors of a dead empire, Lizardfolk now cling to shrinking communities in desolate regions, surrendering their place in the world with grace and acceptance. Many of their shamans and religious leaders are known for their wisdom even among other races, and are the primary reason the lizardfolk are sought out in their fading temples.

Physical Description: Lizardfolk are slightly shorter than humans, though this is due more to their hunched posture. Tail tip to nose, lizardfolk stretch about 8 feet. Their scales curve away from their body into soft points, and are usually sandy-brown in color, though reds, oranges are common and purples and greens are not unknown. Lizardfolk have snouts that are better suited for their natural tongue than other languages, which they speak in stutters interspersed with guttural stops. Their shape and scales make full clothing difficult for lizardfolk to wear, and they prefer draped sheets of silk or glittering metal chain.

Society: Lizardfolk society expects each member to stand on his own. They winnow their youth through trials and do not mourn those who fail. Some speculate that this is what led them both to empire and subsequent decline, as it culled their civilization into one of individuals strong of body and character, but then allowed it to decline in number as prosperity allowed too many to fall into torpid contentment, and unchanging tradition resulted in the deaths of the numerous lazy.

Relations: Other races most often encounter lizardfolk when they are ejected from their settlements for purposes of a trial. Unfortunately, the ones who do not care to make an effort to succeed sometimes become parasites, souring the opinions of the societies they end up in. Because of this, mixed opinions of lizardfolk at large are common, some knowing only legends of a potent but tempered people, others with disdain for a race now considered squatters and leeches.

Alignment and Religion: Lizardfolk tend toward Neutrality, and care little for the fates of those who cannot make their own way. As a culture, they worship one God only, a sun god with no name in any human language. The sun god burns away the weak and decrepit and leaves only the righteous and glorious to bask in its life-giving rays.

Adventurers: As mentioned above, many lizardfolk not found in their enclaves are seeking to pass a trial of some sort given by their elders. These trials vary in goal, but usually require the questor to prove their ferocity, wisdom, or force of will through deeds in the wider world. Proof may be in the form of witnesses, trophies, personal combat, or powerful totems. Of course, no enclave would expect one of their folk to surrender anything earned through their own blood and might, and so many lizardfolk place their crowning achievement at the center of their dens.

Lizardfolk Racial Traits

+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence: Lizardfolk are thick of cord and have indomitable personalities, but have been slow to grow and adapt to the changing world.
Medium Size: As lizardfolk are Medium creatures, they have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Lizardfolk have a base speed of 30 feet.
Natural Armor: Lizardfolk get a +2 natural armor bonus due to their tough, scaly skin.
Climbing Claws: Lizardfolk receive a +2 racial bonus on Climb and Ride checks due to their rough climbing claws. These claws are not hard or sharp enough to be used as weapons, however.
Fearless: Against fear effects, lizardfolk get a +2 racial bonus.
Languages: Lizardfolk begin play speaking Common and Draconic (of which their language is a dialect). Bonus languages may be chosen from the full Languages list.


Random Starting Age & Aging Effects

Adulthood: 30 years Innate: +3d6 Trained: +5d6 Studied: +6d6
Middle Age: 75 years Old: 125 years Venerable: 175 years Maximum Age: 175 + 2d20 years

Random Height & Weight

Gender Base Height Base Weight Modifier Weight Multiplier
Male 4 ft. 8 in. 175 lbs. 2d8 x 6 lb.
Female 4 ft. 8 in. 160 lbs. 2d8 x 6 lb.


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