Racial Feats

Racial Feats

Hardened Scales

Prerequisites: Lizardfolk.
Benefit: The character’s natural armor bonus increases to a +4. However, the character can not wear heavy torso armor or medium or heavy leg and/or arm armor, due to the bulky, protruding scales.

Ferocious Bite

Prerequisites: Lizardfolk.
Benefit: The character gains a natural bite attack that inflicts 1d4 damage on a hit. The bite attack has a x3 critical hit multiplier, and is considered a primary attack, or a secondary attack if the character is wielding a weapon.


Prerequisites: Willowing, +6 Base Attack Bonus or higher.
Benefit: The character grows 1 foot in height, and is still considered Medium size. The character’s threatened squares extend 5 feet further than normal, and they are also considered to have reach for purposes of opportunity attacks.

Thorny Body

Prerequisites: Willowing.
Benefit: The character gains +1 Piercing bonus damage with unarmed strikes. In addition, any creature in a grapple with the character takes 1 damage automatically per round at the beginning of the willowing’s turn.

Congealing Sap

Prerequisites: Willowing, Con 15 or greater.
Benefit: If a called shot against the willowing requires a saving throw to determine its effects, the character receives a +4 bonus to the saving throw.

Racial Feats

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