Willowings are a species cut adrift from each other and cast into the world, seeking a new home or place where they can feel content. Myths hold that willowings were once small, rooted trees that comprised a haunted wood. The trees communicated with one another through their roots, and could weave enchantments upon those who entered. The myth holds that the willowings angered a God who had chanced to enter the forest in mortal disguise by attempting to destroy him or cast him from their demesne. The God severed the trees’ roots and left them in ruin, until a fey and nature loving God took pity upon them and gave them voices and freedom to move about as they would, though it could not undo the damage that severed them from nature and one another.

Physical Description: Willowings are thin, man-sized creatures with skin of soft, pale woody material. Their trunks are even, smooth, and round, with little distinguishing features, with knots that sprout a head and four limbs. The legs end in a tangle of numerous thin, whiplike branches that spread in all directions. The arm limbs end in a similar bunch, though the small branches are organized into passable hands, though the number of fingers and thumbs is not set. For heads, willowings possess a bulbous knot with branches extending above and behind the creature, making it appear taller than it is. Thin leaves and flowers cover these last branches. Willowings have faces made of wrinkles and folds that would resemble those of humanoids, if not for the color and texture of the skin and the fact that the faces move only rarely, and very, very slowly.

Society: Willowings have no society of their own. If they ever did, it was destroyed utterly by the act of their destruction and rebirth into mobile creatures. They yearn for such a thing, missing the constant communion of their past. Unfortunately, the God that destroyed them left them cursed to feel ill-at-ease and almost pained to be in close proximity to one another. They even feel some uncomfortableness within forests, though it is much more bearable. Willowings do possess two sexes, though they need merely be in proximity in order for the female to produce viable seeds. However, very few seeds grow to maturity. Those that do immediately fall victim to the twin curse and blessing of their species and become willowings.

Relations: Many willowings attempt to be as friendly as possible around other races, hoping to find some group that they might fit into or place to call home and set their wandering to an end. Unfortunately, their strange natures tend to make others as uncomfortable around them as they are amongst their own, if not cause outright fear. On the other hand, their numbers are not great, all hailing from one small forest in a corner of the world, so many places have never heard of nor seen such a willowing.

Alignment and Religion: Willowings pay great respect to the God who gave them a new life after their destruction, who they name Ibdim Onreah. They are wary of other gods, unsure of exactly which it was that severed them from one another. Willowings have taken on a Chaotic tendency due to their continuous wandering, though they have no particular bent towards Good or Evil.

Adventurers: To some extent, almost all willowings may be considered adventurers. Very rare are those who have found some place of acceptance. As time has passed, many willowings have found themselves beginning to enjoy their freedom to travel and experience the world, taking in the different environments and climates that exist.

Willowing Racial Traits

+2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Dexterity: Willowings are hardily made and possess very flexible and powerful minds. However, their form is not made to move as supply as others.
Medium: Willowings gain no bonuses of penalties due to their size.
Slow Speed: Willowings have a base speed of 20 feet.
Darkvision: Willowings can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Humanoid Plant: Willowings have as much in common with plants as humanoids. As such, they receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against paralysis, poison, polymorph, and stun effects. They are immune to sleep effects. They are affected by spells that affect humanoids and by spells that affect plants.
Rooted Foot: Willowings can stand up from being prone as a swift action instead of a move action.
Graven Countenance: Willowings gain a +2 racial bonus on Intimidate and Bluff checks due to the alien qualities of their appearance.
Languages: Willowings begin play speaking Common and one Regional language. They may select any language from the Languages list for their Bonus Languages.


Random Starting Age & Aging Effects

Adulthood: 14 years Innate: +1d4 Trained: +1d6 Studied: +1d8
Middle Age: 40 years Old: 70 years Venerable: 110 years Maximum Age: 110 + 4d10 years

Random Height & Weight

Gender Base Height Base Weight Modifier Weight Multiplier
Male/Female 4 ft. 6 in. 120 lbs. 4d6 x 4 lb.


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